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Sparstane’s mission is to create innovative green solutions that help solve global issues related to human nutrition and environmental pollution. World population growth and existing poverty continue to create strains on our environment and present challenges to effectively produce the necessary food required to feed our growing population. Sparstane is a solution that’s both cost-effective and environmentally friendly for this by-product of coal-fired power plants. Using a unique crystal polymorph, our novel technology allows industries to turn low-value waste-products – FGD Gypsum – into high-value materials – ammonium sulfate fertilizer and recycled calcium carbonate – that help increase efficiencies while lowering these industries’ pollution footprint.

what is fgd gypsum?

FGD Gypsum, or synthetic gypsum, is a chemical by-product of the removal of sulfur dioxide from industrial exhausts. When the EPA increased regulations on emissions, some industries responded by installing flue gas scrubbing systems using calcium carbonate as a scrubbing medium. As a result, the production of FGD Gypsum increased from 11 million to 32 million tons between the years of 2007 – 2015. Due to the lack of useful, efficient conversion processes, 15 million tons of the product go to waste in landfills despite its many commercial uses, including wallboard, laminate paint, building material and tire productions, to name a few.

Behind the Name : Spærstān

The name Sparstane has its roots in one of the earliest names for the mineral, gypsum. Gypsum was known in Old English as spærstān, “spear stone”, referring to its sharp, crystalline appearance. Gypsum, especially FGD gypsum, provides sulfur to plants which balances nitrogen levels and allows plants to produce proteins needed for growth. In the early 19th century, it was regarded as an almost miraculous fertilizer. Even Founding Father and inventor Benjamin Franklin famously demonstrated its amazing abilities when he wrote on a hillside the words, “This has been plastered,” in gypsum plaster. The words later sprouted into brilliant green clovers, and finally beautiful red blossoms.


Saiia Construction is approached by a major electric utility to assist in finding solutions for Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum (FGD Gypsum).
Sparstane LLC is founded in Birmingham, AL as a partnership between Saiia Construction and Pursell Agri-Tech to develop a process for FGD gypsum.
Sparstane is awarded its first patent for its economical conversion process of FGD gypsum into ammonium sulfate fertilizer and recycled calcium carbonate.
Sparstane is acquired by Dustex Holdings, a leader in compliance support technologies, with the aim to further develop their unique process.
Sparstane is awarded its second U.S. patent for its unique FGD gypsum process.
Sparstane LLC begins designing its first commercial plant.

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